Aerostar Bacau to provide maintenance for F16 fighters

Local aircraft producer Aerostar Bacau will provide maintenance for the Romanian Army’s F16 fighters, defense minister Mihai Fifor said on Friday, May 11.
The Government will collaborate with the company so that it can become a regional center for the aeronautical industry in South-Eastern Europe, Fifor added.
Besides the F16 maintenance, Aerostar has been negotiating with US group Lockheed Martin to provide maintenance for the HIMARS missile systems that Romania will buy. Aerostar is also in negotiations with Raytheon for maintenance programs related to the Patriot missile systems that Romania will buy from the American company.
Aerostar is a private company, controlled by three Romanian investors. The company recorded a net profit of some EUR 4.5 million in the first quarter, almost double compared to the same period of last year, and a turnover of EUR 17.5 million, up 9.3%. Some 84% of the turnover came from exports.
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