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This is the backdrop to UNICEF partnering with the Romanian Post to provide such information to vulnerable children, families and caretakers in two counties in Romania. Beginning this month, together with the usual mail and social welfare benefits, postal workers have started distributing 1,080,000 flyers in Bacău and Brașov counties, in eastern and central Romania.

They have been developed together with the Romanian Red Cross, with whom UNICEF joined efforts since the beginning of the crisis, to create and share a variety of communication materials, to combat fake news and shed light into the present flood of information.

Each vulnerable family in these counties is getting three flyers: Essential tips on hygiene and prevention (including the proper use of facemasks), recommendations for how parents can talk to their children about the situation, and ideas for how children can spend time while at home.

It is expected that 360,000 recipients and their families will be reached this way, including grandparents and caretakers who are looking after children whose parents are abroad for work. According to official data, around 85,000 children have parents working overseas

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