Romania’s Bacau opens tenders for equipment for infrastructure upgrade

BUCHAREST (Romania), June 14 (SeeNews) – The Romanian city of Bacau has opened three tenders for the procurement of equipment and vehicles to work on its municipal infrastructure upgrade, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said on Wednesday.The local authorities intend to use part of the proceeds of a 16 million euro  ($17.9 milion) loan extended by the EBRD in March 2013 toimprove the quality of drinking water in the city and expand wastewater collection and treatment in line with relevant EU legislation.Bacau’s municipality, in northeastern Romania, will buy 2,634 cold water meters, pre-equipped with remote reading system, several intervention vehicles and waste water treatment plant equipment to upgrade its infrastructure, the EBRD said on its website.Tendering for contracts that are to be financed with the proceeds of the EBRD loan is open to firms from any country.The closing date of the tender for cold water meters is May 31, 2017, for intervention vehicles is August 7, while for the water treatment plant equipment the deadline is August 3.The EBRD has invested more than 7.3 billion euro in 384 projects in Romania to date. In addition, it has mobilised more than 14 billion euro in investment from other sources of financing in Romania alone.($= 0.8923 euro)

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