Two Blue Air planes return to Bacau airport shortly after takeoff

Two aircraft of Romanian low-cost airline Blue Air were forced to return to the Bacau Airport on Thursday morning, shortly after takeoff.
One of the planes, which was supposed to take the 131 passengers to Milan, took off from Bacau Airport at 07:09, but was returned to the ground after the pilots reported a technical problem, reports local All passengers were disembarked safely after the plane landed back at the airport.
However, as the company’s technical team did not confirm the technical problem, the passengers were allowed to get back in the plane, which took off from the airport once again at around 10:00. Unfortunately, the pilot reported the same problem later, and the aircraft was re-directed to Bucharest’s Henri Coanda Airport.
A second Blue Air aircraft encountered the same problem on Thursday morning. It was supposed to fly to London from Bacau airport, with 156 passengers aboard, but was returned to the ground shortly after the takeoff, as the crew announced a possible malfunction.
The plane returned to Bacau Airport and the passengers were disembarked. However, in this case, Blue Air decided to send another aircraft to take the passengers and transport them to London.
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